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Solstad Saab 99 # robert solstad saab 99. Blitransport saab 99. saab 99. lätt lastbil. Robert Solstad

The first Solstad Saab was a Saab 99, see the picture above. The idea was to be allowed to drive it on a Swedish B-driving license, and still being able to load 1700 kg, with free speed (110 km/h. At the time in 1987 there was only one Inspector who believed in this (Richard Bruselius) in Hässleholm, We were there many times. I'll never forget what he said: I can't tell you what to do, but if you build, I'll tell you what's wrong. And it went well.

It soon became clear that just building a car for myself would not work. It was sold before it was finished, the next one too. Then it rolled on. From a one-man company to 5 guys. Pelle Rudh from Saab's car museum and Erik Karlsson liked the idea. And they kicked in every single door on Saab. I now had unlimited new 9000 Turbos to build on, and access to Lab, Brake test, certificate etc. Thanks Pelle & Erik, may you drive SAAB in Heaven.

We received a contract for 12 Saab ambulances, which would lead to at least 12 per year. Besides that we built newspaper vans for DN, Animal ambulances, car transports, funeralvans, and police vans. We also built the first 9000 Combi to Bert Karlsson.

We moved to Högsby. Now there was nothing that could stop us. Full throttle. We constantly built 8-10 cars at the same time. Without warning, the EU court ran over us. Sweden was no longer allowed to have national emissionrequirements, Overnight we were not allowed to inspect another car.

We made a new Engine Family in Holland, we were racing against the clock as money flowed out of the coffers and none came in. We didn't have time to build many new 9-5 before bankruptcy in 1998 was at the door as the bank did not want to invest in the company anymore. Down the company went. And that with a thud and crash. But that's another story. Now 24 years later, the desire to build cars has returned. Above all - chassis so that you can shape your own car yourself. Thanks to Nightmare On Tour AB, Num Susuk and my two sons Simon & Kevin Solstad. Let's start on a modest scale, wiser, older and without that Bank.


We started our work year 1987 in an old dairybuilding in the town

Röke outside Hässleholm. The first car, a Saab 99 is still on the road today!


When you buy a chassi we offer free support and certificates until the car is approved buy

 swedish autorities.

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Robert Solstad

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